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Review of the great tasting protein bar Walo, 4+ Nutrition flavor as good as they present

Review of 4+ Nutrition's great tasting protein bar Walo

One of the more unknown supplement companies we’ve started featuring here over the past few months is the Italian based 4+ Nutrition. You may remember the brand as the guys with the semi-transparent yellow bottles, giving their products a look and attraction like we’ve never seen before. The reason we are bringing them back up again is because we had the opportunity to sample a few of their supplements recently. One of which we are going in to detail on today, and that is the protein bar Walo. Fortunately for us we were handed plenty of samples of the 4+ snack, giving us the ability to put together a worthwhile taste review of the product.

First up you need to keep in mind that 4+ Nutrition is an Italian brand. So it should come as no surprise to you that not only does Walo offer a selection of flavors unlike any other bar on the market. But the make up of the item itself is extremely different. 4+’s high protein snack is not like your usual smooth, doughy, fake, dry, thick, or boring protein bar. It has this texture and build to it that makes it one of the few out there that can claim any sort of closeness to an actual candy bar. While the outside of Walo has the normal soft and thin layer of topping. It is the sections underneath that are the real bread winners, combining the perfect amount of crunch, flake, and rich taste, to pull off that guilty flavor and feel.

Whether or not it is due to the fact that 4+ Nutrition are located outside the US, they know how to make protein bars. The brand’s ability to create a recipe not just relating to the candy bar experience we mentioned above, makes Walo a unique protein snack and one you may never return from. Fortunately for current and future 4+ fans, the excitement for the supplement doesn’t stop at the make and fulfilling taste of the multi layered treat. As Walo is available in a number of options, 18 to be exact, making it a protein bar you can experiment when the time comes to drop your personal favorite. The options list of the supplement is broken down to 15 for the regular version and 3 for the high protein variant, featuring flavors like limone e pinoli, dark chocolate, and green apple.

If you would like to find out more on 4+ Nutrition, their website is still under construction however you will find a full catalog on there, detailing each and every one of the brand’s many products. Including the unbelievably tasty Walo, a supplement that if the rest of 4+’s range is anything like, we look forward to trying another one of their’s soon.

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