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Dennis Wolf the face of the specialty MuscleCore series, introducing the widely distributed Amix Advanced Nutrition

Introducing the Dennis Wolf sponsor Amix Advanced Nutrition

Today we would like to introduce Amix Advanced Nutrition, a UK based company quickly making their way in the competitive supplement world. In short like most brands outside of America, Amix have one extremely extensive range of products. Their endless line of formulas goes all the way from the simple things like three different creatine supplements, plenty of amino acid products, and over 10 protein powders. To more unique and complex categories with cosmetic formulas, numerous anabolizers, and the 10 piece specialty Five Star MuscleCore Series. Some highlights from the range include the weight loss supplement Detonatrol, the 100% hydrolyzed beef protein Anabolic Monster, and the pre-workout CellZoom. To help promote the brand Amix have also got a familiar face on their team in Dennis Wolf, who was previously sponsored by BSN. While the company’s official website is a good source for information on all the products, you may find their online catalog a bit easier to get through.

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