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Fourth product confirmed as pro thermo Diablo, new ANS Performance fat burner on it’s way

ANS Performance preview and confirm their next supplement Diablo

It was only last week that ANS Performance announced that they had a new supplement on the way, which we believed was set to be one of the three products they mentioned early in the year. A weight loss powder, creatine complex, or BCAA formula. As it turns out the brand have confirmed that the upcoming supplement is in fact a flavored fat burner, going by the very cool name Diablo. Outside of it’s title nothing much more has been revealed, aside from the two details seen on the pro thermogenic’s image, the one flavor electric lime, and it’s serving size of 60. ANS have also given a few shorts descriptions of the product that all seem to point towards the formula giving a powerful experience, combining long lasting energy and an intense burn. Fortunately for those interested in the brand’s first release since the hit pre-workout Ritual. ANS Performance are expecting to follow through on their word of launching Diablo in the next three to fours weeks. With more information being released between now and then, and pre-orders opening up a week or so before.

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