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Limited edition flavors arriving on the dot, Black Market keep it up with strawberry margarita

Black Market Lab's latest limited edition pre-workout flavor

The team over at Black Market Labs have done it once again with yet another seasonal flavor for their pre-workout range, right on time as per usual. It was all the way back in January when the brand originally promised a new taste every month. Which they have not disappointed on, delivering each round’s variant on the dot with the latest option joining the menu’s of AdreNOlyn Bulk, AdreNOlyn Cuts, and the smaller scooped AdrenHERlyn Cuts. Being something we have seen from both American Muscle and Cellucor in strawberry margarita. For those interested in the flavor who have a local Black Market stockists, the taste should be available some time soon. As for those who buy online direct from the company. Strawberry margarita has already been uploaded, and sits alongside a few past limited edition options such as tigers blood, dragonfruit, and guerrilla green. Whether you choose to snatch up this round’s strawberry mixture or not. It seems you can continue to count on Black Market Labs to bring something exciting each month for their pre-workout fans.

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