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Muscle Pharm drop Bullet Proof for Iron Dream, Ronnie Coleman’s Resurrect P.M. moved to #1

Muscle Pharm confirm the discontinuation of Bullet Proof

Earlier in the week, news came down that Muscle Pharm could be dropping their nighttime recovery supplement Bullet Proof. Today we can now confirm that the legendary Hybrid Series original has been deleted and replaced. By what is said to be the new and improved version, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series product Iron Dream. If you would like to find out more on the replacement, you can check out the breakdown of the formula, and it’s official facts panel from the post we published back in September. To round out the update, for those of you who follow our top supplement’s list, Muscle Pharm’s Bullet Proof is, or was our number one recovery product. Unfortunately due to it’s sudden discontinuation, we had no choice but to drop it from our list. Which forced a rethinking and rearranging of the rankings, resulting in Ronnie Coleman’s extremely similar nighttime formula Resurrect P.M., being shifted into first place. You can view our updated recovery supplements list today to see the new order, and for those loyal Muscle Pharm Bullet Proof fans. Either stock up, or give the reformulated and and Arnold branded version, Iron Dream a go.