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ENGN sample pack welcoming future followers, Olympia launched EVLution continue to grow

EVL Nutrition preparing to sell pre-workout ENGN samples direct

EVL Nutrition, the brand we first introduced a week before their Olympia Expo debut, are continuing to expand across the supplement world. With plenty of partnerships including giveaways with Supplement Reviews, as well as more stockists in Get Supps,

Health Spot, and Tiger Fitness. The more exciting news coming from the company is the availability of product samples, that can soon be purchased from EVL’s website. The brand are promoting three supplement sachets for $4.99, with all three appearing to be EVLution’s pre-workout ENGN. Unfortunately the trial pack has yet to be uploaded, but when it does become available. It will give those interested in the very young company a chance to try at least one EVL product, before investing in a full size tub.

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