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Draft look for the tentatively titled Thrive, Nutrabolics create a Nutrapure Facebook page

Draft look for Nutrabolics new all natural series Nutrapure

For those Nutrabolics fans out there that have been looking forward to the #brandinblack’s upcoming all natural line, and appreciated our previous mention of the products actually being a spin off series on their own. We finally have a draft look at what was described to us at the Olympia Expo. The above image has come along with the launch of the natural range’s Facebook page using the name Nutrabolics already confirmed for us, Nutrapure. As per our live post from the Las Vegas Expo two weeks ago, the brand have swapped out their traditional black for a strong white, and standout yellow for green, really bringing in that natural theme. The first supplement that has been pictured featuring the new packaging is the tentatively titled Thrive, which appears to be the vegetarian protein powder Nutrabolics mentioned earlier in the year. Just as we wrote above, the design of the Nutrapure label is a draft, and is more than likely to change before the release of the range. The same thing being said for the previewed plant based Thrive, and it’s working title. It does seem however that the Facebook page of Nutrabolics all natural Nutrapure is more than real. Giving current fans a chance to stay in the loop and be one of the first few to like the exciting #brandinblack spin off series.

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