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New EAA’s launched with a free tub of Prodigy, Premium Nutraceuticals put together a fourth

Nutraplanet launch Premium Nutraceuticals latest supplement EAA's

Premium Nutraceuticals International or more commonly known as PNI, are the producers of three supplements that have been powerful enough to build a strong reputation for the company in a short period of time. Of the three the one that is seeing the most attention is the pre-workout Prodigy in which we ourselves are currently putting to the test. Despite all the hype around PNI’s products that are already on the shelf. Today’s focus is actually on their latest innovation and fourth supplement, EAA’s. As the title of the formula states, the brand’s new EAA’s is an essential amino acid product delivering a total of 7.5g of aminos. With 5g of that being dedicated to a 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, and the remaining 2.5g left to the other EAAs. To help launch the supplement, PNI have teamed up with new release specialists Nutraplanet for another of their unbeatable opening offers. The deal this time around is purchase the brand’s latest formula in it’s one flavor watermelon for $32.98, and get a full size bottle of the much talked about pre-workout Prodigy free. As per usual the launch special is only available for a limited time, so get in quick if you’re keen on the 2 for 1 offer.

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