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Two piece Power Series set to double in size, Oh Yeah! Nutrition confirm three new supplements

Oh Yeah Nutrition confirm three new supplements

Just when we thought Oh Yeah! Nutrition were done with new supplement,s after the preview and launch of BCAA and CLA Power, and Men’s and Women’s Multi. The company have confirmed three more products on their way, with one being their first attempt at a complex formula. The first two of the three supplements are Creatine and Glutamine Power, which if are anything like the other Power products, CLA and BCAA. Fans can expect to see two pretty straight forward powders, most likely packing your common 5g doses of l-glutamine and creatine monohydrate. The third supplement as mentioned above is a complex one, going by the name Rush. Despite the fact that Oh Yeah’s teaser image hides most of the formula’s label. With a title like Rush and the CarnoSyn logo on the face of the bottle, we’re going to take a shot in the dark and say this is going to be a pre-workout. Outside of the preview picture the brand haven’t really said anything more on the three, leaving us with the release period of ‘coming soon’. A time frame that isn’t actually that bad, considering Oh Yeah! managed to go from mention to launch for their last few products in under a month.

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