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The mind and muscle stimulator ENGN, EVLution’s pre-workout supplement reviewed

Review of EVLution Nutrition's pre-workout ENGN

EVLution Nutrution was one of the few supplement companies that debuted their line at this year’s Olympia Expo, unveiling a total of five different products. The glutamine formula GLU+, two form creatine CRE+, amino cocktail A-10, post-workout RE-BLD, and the supplement we are reviewing today, the pre-workout ENGN. We first got a glimpse of the brand’s energizer a week before the Las Vegas event, seeing it’s fairly simple list of ingredients. Nothing in the product seemed to blow us away, however after using over half a tub of ENGN, at both minimum and maximum doses. We have to say that EVL’s energy supplement is not a pre-workout to be looked over.

Like most successful products ENGN has it’s highlights, in which we found three areas where the formula really drives home a solid performance. The first area we are going to go over is it’s energy. While it isn’t the most powerful part of the supplement it definitely plays it’s part in the overall experience, providing a reliable kick and boost. The energy doesn’t come over you like a storm, nor does it crash like one. It eases in across a time frame of about 15 minutes, alongside a beta alanine side effect. That if you are a pins and needles sensitive person may be a bit more than you’re comfortable with. It is worth mentioning that of course the disruptive sensation does pass, it isn’t unbearable, and some people might not even notice it. That being said once the product’s energy combines with the other top effects of the supplement. We can almost guarantee that the pins and needles will quickly be forgotten.

The second and third areas where EVL’s ENGN really shows what it’s made of are with it’s pump and focus. We aren’t going to detail the two separately, purely because in our experience they amplify and play off one another. After the somewhat mild energy boost starts to flow, the product’s mental enhancement sets in and realigns your mind to allow for 100% focus on the task at hand. It’s only a few moments later or during the next set or two, that you realize the pump aspect of the supplement has also come to life. Allowing for a muscle fullness that after about five minutes has you questioning whether your body is hurting or just extremely pumped.

When all three effects of ENGN come alive, you find yourself storming through your workout at a pace that isn’t intense or exhausting, but fulfilling. The leader of the highlights focus, gives you an edge and desire to keep you lifting and working. With the pump making the exercises so much more addictive, and the consistent energy powering the body along the way, intensifying each exercise, set, and rep. The combination of the trio does seemingly result in the presence of a strong level of intensity. But as mentioned, we feel it is actually the impressive amount of focus. Mixed with the pump, and relatively strong energy that helps promote an intense non-stop set after set experience. One that is more than unique, as we can’t remember the last time we came across a formula that carries itself with this level of mind and pump power. Without the inclusion of a heavy dose of energy.

All in all we have to say that EVLution’s ENGN is a lot more than expected. Based on the formula we figured it would be a success, we just weren’t too sure about how much of success. After using it several times, and then a bit more to calibrate the feedback. We need to put the both calm and overwhelming product in our top 10. Not only does it deliver, but it does so with a performance that is comfortable, fulfilling, and most of all different. You can check out it’s position on our updated charts now, and if you’re a fan of pre-workouts like Neon Sport’s crashless Volt, or Lecheek’s award winning Speed X3. Then be sure to grab a bottle of EVL’s mind and muscle stimulator ENGN. If not in the full 30 serving size, then at least one of the 10 serving trial tubs.

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