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Hydroxycut SX-7 available exclusively at GNC, Muscletech claim the latest Hydroxycut formula

Muscletech claim the GNC exclusive Hydroxycut SX-7

Hydroxycut SX-7, the previously previewed weight loss supplement that surfaced over two days ago. Has now officially presented itself next to a brand. Initially we weren’t entirely sure which name the product would come under, with both Muscletech and Hydroxycut being possibilities. Although with SX-7 now featured on Muscletech’s home page, it is pretty clear who the supplement belongs to. Another thing we pointed out upon seeing the product back on Sunday, was what the alternatively packaged item could mean to the brand behind it. In the case of Muscletech, it appears that Hydroxycut SX-7 is not a part of their Performance Series or Concentrate Series, leaving us to wonder if similar supplements are set to join the cylinder capsule container. Regardless of whether or not the new formula is a one off, or part of a collection. With the ownership confirmed, fans can now read all about the upcoming product as Muscletech have uploaded SX-7’s information page. The online presence of the supplement also reveals that the product has been produced as an exclusive for GNC. Who are currently taking orders for both sizes of the fat burner, with the 70 capsule at $59.99, and the 140 capsule at $99.99.

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