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Five unofficial flavors produced and tasted, Nutrabolics looking to add to Anabolic State

Nutrabolics confirm new flavors tested for Anabolic State

Anabolic State, Nutrabolic’s amino acid supplement and one of their most well known products. Has been teased to be getting a number of new flavors for some time now. While a lot of fan’s attention has been directed at the brand’s all natural NutraPure range, which is still in the works. News has finally surfaced on the new options for the popular Anabolic State. Currently the supplement’s menu is relatively well packed with four tastes, blue raspberry, fruit punch, orange, and watermelon. Unfortunately today’s update does not give us any flavor to officially add to that list. But it does reveal that Nutrabolics have moved from talking to actually testing, by announcing that five different variants have been trialed, with one of them along the lines of mango peach. The news doesn’t exactly bring a lot to light, however with the confirmation of five options recently being tested. It does hint at the fact that Nutrabolics fans could be looking at more than just one additional taste for Anabolic State, and looking at it or them arriving sooner rather than later.

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