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Liquid Series supplement formula revealed, 4+ Nutrition’s Carnitine 3.0 designed for on-the-go

4+ Nutrition confirm formula for the Liquid Series Carnitine 3.0+

Earlier in the year the Italian brand 4+ Nutrition confirmed the coming of two Liquid Series supplements, Carnitine 3.0+ and MGK+. While information was pretty slim on the latter, with some details from the carnitine formula revealed in it’s first preview, 4+ have now dropped all the remaining pieces of the individual. As per it’s title Carnitine 3.0+ features the weight loss ingredient in it’s regular l-carnitine form, at a dose of 1g per 8.3ml serving. With the product packing three servings all up, working out to be a fitting 3g of carnitine per 25ml vial. Based on that information, it does appear that 4+ have put together the Liquid formula to be more of an on-the-go thing. As opposed to the 12 to 16oz (350 – 450ml) carnitine supplements we are used to seeing. This on-the-go intention is further proven in the packaging of the product seen in 4+ Nutrition’s latest image. Showing off Carnitine 3.0+ in boxes of 20, perfect for consumer convenience and counter top sales.

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