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Italian company set to enter the mass market, 4+ Nutrition preview their next release XXXL+

4+ Nutrition reveal their new release for 2014 the mass gainer XXXL+

The Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition, that since we first introduced have released a number of new product variants and updates over the months. Are now looking to make an impact on a category they have yet to venture in to, the mass protein market. The brand have just previewed a supplement going by the name XXXL+, which has been confirmed for launch sometime next year. As for the contents of the 7kg weight gainer, 4+ have yet to reveal any of it’s finer details and facts. However with a full size image of the product we can see that the formula features five different protein blends, the slow releasing carbohydrate Palatinose. A dose of fenugreek, a bonus vitamin B complex, along with what appears to be a total of 100g of phased absorption carbohydrates per serving. To top if off the new 4+ Nutrition supplement also marks the first time the brand have used a bag as a form of packaging, instead of their signature transparent yellow tubs. While there are as mentioned very few details available for XXXL+. With it’s release said to be in 2014, most likely early 2014, more should be revealed as we enter the new year.

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