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Highly anticipated clothing collection released, Cellucor launch their gear with website update

Cellucor update their website and release their clothing collection

Last week Cellucor dropped the press release for their website update, which is now online with just as many exciting features and updates as promised. In fact there is almost no point in going over all the changes the brand have made to their online presence, as it is basically a complete overhaul. Clearer product pages, lighter color theme, specific training guides, marketing and graphics, it’s all different. There is however one section worth highlighting, one of the new additions, the clothing department. After sneaks and peeks of items, and months and months of mentions, Cellucor have now released their official gear collection. As their site states, the gear has finally arrived and the brand have delivered with the line’s launch bringing seven products, four tees, two tanks, and a hat. You can check all the items for yourself on Cellucor’s updated website, where you will no doubt notice a lot of changes if you have ever been there before.

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