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Lobliner introduces Agmatine to his basic brand, Ethitech moves to four with a second unflavored

Ethitech Nutrition introduces it's fourth formula Agmatine

While many may know Marc Lobliner has his own supplement brand with MTS Nutrition, and it’s collection of complex products. The honest icon does in fact have another line sold through Tiger Fitness under the name Ethitech Nutrition. The company produces a range of individual formulas

that up until now consisted of just three supplements, Fish Oil Omega 3, Yohimbine HCL, and Creatine Monohydrate. The brand have now introduced a fourth product to the family with a 30g tub of agmatine sulfate. The unflavored formula packs a total of 30 single gram scoops per bottle, with an extremely competitive price tag of $14.99. For those interested there is no wait on Ethitech’s Agmatine, as the supplement is available and ready to ship from Tiger Fitness today.

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