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Pre-workout EVP Plus launch date confirmed, Evogen’s latest set to land on Christmas day

Hany Rambod confirms launch date for Evogen's new EVP Plus

Evogen’s pre-workout supplement EVP, had a sequel confirmed with the title EVP Plus back in November. In the product’s initial announcement there were very few details mentioned, in fact none at all aside from the point that the formula has been improved. Evogen have now revealed two things for the upcoming supplement as we move closer to it’s promised 2013 release. The first bit of information is the pre-workout’s flavor peach mango, which is a taste not on the current EVP’s menu of strawberry kiwi and grape. The second and definitely more important detail Hany Rambod has leaked for EVP Plus, is it’s official launch date of December the 25th. Whether or not the product is somewhere somehow going to go on sale on Christmas day, is uncertain. However it is the date Evogen have confirmed for the new supplement, and if it’s build up goes anything like the brand’s previous releases. We are not likely to see any more facts from EVP Plus until the big day.

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