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Johnnie Jackson signs with popular supplement company, Mutant welcome their newest athlete with a live Lab Report

Mutant announce their newest team member Johnnie Jackson

Late last week Mutant began teasing the newest athlete to join their iconic Mutant team with a number of images that hinted at a handful of people. Loyal fans threw out plenty of guesses based on the pictures with the likes of MuscleMed’s Kai Greene and the online sensation Kali Muscle thrown around. Predictions aside when seeing the GASP hoodie on the athlete, and knowing that Johnnie Jackson was no longer with Muscletech, we laid down our bet on Facebook and Twitter, and as it turns out we were spot on. The IFBB Pro bodybuilder well known for his strength, character, and intense workouts, will no doubt fit right in with the other Mutants on the team. The brand may have yet to upload an athlete’s page to their website with a full story on Johnnie Jackson. However they have made the announcement as big as they can, basing the latest installment of their video series the Lab Report around the news. Which is also their very first episode to be recorded live.

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