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Green apple Essential AmiN.O. Energy arrives, Optimum Nutrition release their GNC exclusive

Optimum Nutrition launch their new AmiN.O. Energy flavor at GNC

Earlier in the year, way back in May, Optimum Nutrition teamed up with GNC to find out what flavor fans wanted to see produced for Essential AmiN.O. Energy. After the comments, likes, and votes were tallied green apple came out as the victor, along with it’s expected time of arrival as somewhere in fall. While the wait has been long the exclusive variant has finally landed

at GNC online in the predicted 30 serving tub, with a price tag seven dollars more than the other options. It is uncertain if the cost difference is permanent, as the other four AmiN.O. Energy flavors are currently on sale. That being said if you are a regular GNC shopper and happen to have a Gold Card, the new green apple AmiN.O. will only cost you an additional $1.70. A price that does hint at the exclusive option being slightly more expensive even after the AmiN.O. Energy special ends.

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