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Energizing Super Freak reformulated for 2014, Pharmafreak looking to hit the pre-workout category with an updated favorite

Pharmafreak put together a reformulated version of Super Freak

Despite being rather quiet throughout 2013, Pharmafreak are looking to make some noise in a couple of months following this year’s surge of new and reformulated pre-workouts. The makers of Ripped Freak have officially confirmed an updated version of their energizing supplement Super Freak. A product that was previously only available in select areas outside of the U.S. It turns out that not only have Pharmafreak made some modifications to the pre-workout, with their intentions to presumably take on the category’s new level of competition. But expand on Super Freak’s audience with the supplement set to be distributed around the world, including the United States and Canada. So far nothing about the upcoming product’s contents, size, weight, label, or even look has been revealed. However we are going to leave you with something positive, and that is the arrival time of Pharmafreak’s upgraded Super Freak which is expected to be sometime in February next year.

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