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Hydro+ makes it to three with cappuccino, 4+ Nutrition add to their hydrolyzed protein

4+ Nutrition add cappuccino to the menu of Hydro+

Following the arrival of 4+ Nutrition’s first ever bagged supplements, XXXL+ and the 4.5kg variant of Whey+. Comes the type of update we are used to seeing from the Italian company, a new flavor. The latest effort from 4+ is gong to their 100% hydrolyzed whey formula Hydro+, which is currently available in two sizes, 900g and 2kgs, and two traditional tastes chocolate and vanilla. Joining the product’s menu is cappuccino, or officially titled gusto: cappuccino keeping things consistent with the Hydro+ flavor prefix. Unlike some brands and variants, 4+ Nutrition have produced their third option for the protein powder in both volumes, 30 and 66 servings. As for launch time, fans can expect to see Hydro+ cappuccino rather soon, as when it comes to new tastes 4+ tend to get them out pretty quick.

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