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Peach mango and watermelon Ritual released, ANS Performance 30 serving tub attached to new flavors

ANS Performance launch their two new Ritual flavors

As promised ANS Performance have released their two new flavors for our number one ranked pre-workout supplement, Ritual. The brand have in fact launched them a few days earlier than expected, with peach mango twist and wicked watermelon both now available direct from ANS and Surprisingly with the arrival of the two has also come something that was only mentioned back when we first heard about the Ritual tastes. If any one can manage to cast their minds back that far, you may remember the brand confirmed a 30 serving volume. That very option has actually arrived bound to the two fruity flavors. By that we mean peach mango and watermelon have only been released in 30 serving tubs, not the usual 45 or both. Whether this means Ritual will go on in the larger size with it’s original two tastes and keep the newbies for the 30 serve, is uncertain. But on the bright side it won’t cost you as much to try peach mango twist and wicked watermelon. As the price of the relatively smaller Ritual is around $25, with ANS Performance temporarily going cheaper for their celebratory launch special at $19.99 a bottle.

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