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All four Cannibals arrive at Nutraplanet, Chaos & Pain drop their price for a bigger audience

Chaos and Pain land all four of their supplement at Nutraplanet

Following the recent launch of Chaos and Pain’s two new supplements Cannibal Genius and Cannibal Swole. As well as the reflavored variants of the pre-workout formula Cannibal Ferox. Has come an opportunity for a much wider range of people to get their hands on the relatively unknown but top quality brand. The big development coming from Chaos is their availability at the popular supplement store Nutraplanet. To help get the products rolling at the new location, as if their insanely dosed contents didn’t already do that enough. The retailer is currently listing all four of the brand’s formulas with prices a little bit lower than they are listed direct from Chaos and Pain’s website. Instead of the flat rate of $39.99, Ferox and Swole have had their value set at $35.99, and Genius and Inferno at $32.99. We can only assume that from here the popularity and distribution of the line is going to increase, even more so with their competitive prices.