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Buy 1 get 1 deal on 50 serve Amino Build, Muscletech’s amino cocktail unbeatable at

Muscletech's 50 serving Amino Build goes on sale at

Supplement deals come and go, but when one pops up on a favorite of ours we attempt to make a big deal out of it. This was seen last week when Muscletech’s Amino Build went on sale with a buy one get one offer through For those that have been keeping a close eye on the store, and it’s price on one of our favorite recovery and amino formulas. You may have noticed that the buy one get one deal has been dropped from the 30 serving size, and moved over to the 50 serving variant. While we had to look twice and refresh numerous times to be certain. It is no joke, Muscletech’s Amino Build is now available with 100 servings for $43. The sale drops the value of the product all the way down to an unbelievable and easily worked out cost of $0.43 per serving. Like we said last time, the only thing left to say are the words of ‘Hurry while supplies last!’.

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