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Five month old product getting an update, CTD Lab’s make Noxivol Powder a little prettier

CTD Labs change the packaging of their not so old Noxivol Powder

While it may only be five months old, one of CTD Lab’s latest supplements is already looking at gerting an update. The product being modified is Noxivol Powder, the flavored alternative to the brand’s stimulant free capsule formula Noxivol. The change is actually nothing fans need to worry about, as CTD have confirmed Noxivol Powder’s performance will in no way be altered, it is just being given a slightly different look. The supplement’s update is a minor cosmetic makeover seeing a few layout modifications, character alterations, and color shifts. The major change or more visual one is in the product’s lid, which is now wrapped in a chrome blue, printed with a couple of Noxivol’s intended effects. There has been no date given for when the new packaging will begin to circulate, for now it is just a heads up for CTD Lab’s fans.

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