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Basic but complex Accelerator series, GNC add a new line to their already large range

GNC reveal their new complex individual Accelerator line

To add to GNC’s already long list of supplements, the retail giant have put together a brand new series of formulas called the Accelerators. Basically they are a notch above your average individuals with three products in the line, Accelerator Creatine, Glutamine, and Leucine. They get the Accelerator prefix from their convenient form and straightforward purpose, as you simply just add them to your supplement regimen, to as their description says, accelerate your results. All three products have had their contents revealed with Accelerator Creatine based around a four form complex, and includes arginine, russian tarragon, beet root powder, and citrus sinensis to further it’s intended effects. Accelerator Glutamine features a similar build based around a three form glutamine blend, with a 500mg dose of l-carnitine tartrate to help go beyond it’s target. The third and final supplement Accelerator Leucine, calls on another multi-form blend of it’s title ingredient, and uses betaine, citrus sinensis, citrulline, and opuntia ficus-indica to help amplify it’s results. All three products are slowly beginning to appear at GNC, with fans not short on consistency or options. As the Accelerators have been produced in fruit punch and ‘mild flavors’, carrying 24 servings per tub, and a value of $24.99, or for those with a GNC Gold Card $19.99.

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