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Five new supplements for the month of January, NOW’s mental alertness complex RememBRAIN

NOW Foods new releases for the month of January

To start the new year NOW Foods have confirmed five new products due to arrive sometime this month. The first item on the list is Sustained Release Vitamin B-100, a modified version of the brand’s regular Vitamin B-100 designed to release over an extended period of time. Next up is the unique Pea Protein, which has been given a third flavor, with unflavored and vanilla bean, being joined by dutch chocolate. The third formula new to NOW is another variant of a current supplement seeing Organic Spirulina Powder transformed into tablets. Each pill of the product packs 1g of it’s title ingredient, with 120 tablets in total per bottle. Next in line is Extra Strength Melatonin, that as it’s name explains delivers double the dose NOW’s previous biggest Melatonin formula carried, at 10mg a capsule. Last but not least is a brand new supplement appropriately titled RememBRAIN, a complex four piece product made up of Vitamin B12, phosphatidyl serine, Huperzine A, and alpha-GPC. All five releases are as mentioned, set to hit stores sometime in January, with more information available for each supplement and it’s contents on NOW’s official website.

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