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Get Supps gets Chaos and Pain’s fast growing line, Cannibals appear in another store with no change in value

Chaos and Pain's supplements now available at Get Supps

Just as most predicted, as well as ourselves. Following on from Chaos and Pain’s introduction of Cannibal Genius, Cannibal Swole, and the reflavored Cannibal Ferox. The relatively unknown brand is slowly becoming a rather well known brand, with a big increase in availability. Recently we saw Chaos sneak into the popular Nutraplanet, and now into Get Supps. This is likely to be the last time we post a retailer launch for the company, as at this rate they are going to be almost everywhere in a few months.For now though be sure to drop by Get Supps and check out the Cannibal Range. It is without Swole at moment, however we can’t imagine it being that way for long. As for price at Chaos and Pain’s latest stockist, the up and coming brand have managed to keep their market value the same with Ferox at $35.99, and Inferno and Genius at $32.99. Get Supps isn’t so much a cheaper alternative, just another place you will find one of the fastest growing lines of the year.

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