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Orange dream bitter but still one of the best, EVLution’s latest ENGN flavor taste tested

Review of EVLution Nutrition's orange dream ENGN

From what we have tried from EVLution Nutrition so far, their most impressive supplement has to be their pre-workout formula, ENGN. It landed in out top 10 list of energizing products at number 8. Which don’t be put off by, as in some cases where supplements are actually effective, they still don’t make the list. Purely because there are so many great pre-workouts available right now, that at this point you have to bring a little more than just results. Something EVL understood when they put together their riot of a product ENGN. That we feel we best described in our review as an overwhelmingly comfortable mind and muscle stimulator. As for our reason to bring up the supplement today, we have a flavor review of the formula’s recently introduced taste.

EVL originally launched ENGN in three flavors, fruit punch, blue razz, and watermelon. While we had no problems with the fruit punch variant we used for our review, more options are always welcome. Hence why after only about three or four months in the business the brand added orange dream to their pre-workout’s menu. Helping spread it’s menu as well as it’s reach.

On first smell the latest EVL addition does come off as quite orange, matching it’s title perfectly. After you throw back a sip or mouthful of the formula however, you tend to pick up on more than just one taste. Orange dream isn’t a strong recipe, so even at it’s most concentrated we found it difficult to put a finger on the combination. Our initial impression of the flavor as it first goes down is that it’s a bit of a bitter orange mixed in with a bit of sour. The tangy duo do quickly pass, and then move into what we would call an artificial taste, or more of a “supplement’s” orange. It’s not exactly a realistic example of the fruit, but one that hangs with the best orange options in the business. Similar to the quality of Muscletech’s orange Creacore, obviously without the creatine HCl drag and flatness. Of course when the variant is mixed with a bit more water, the experience is diluted. Although for us it does not erase the introductory tang, just wash away the more pleasant artificial orange.

In all honesty flavor doesn’t really matter too much for us, especially if the product is powerful enough to make our top 10. Which as mentioned earlier, is the case for EVL’s ENGN. There have been some instances where taste has gone beyond disastrous, however on those occasions the supplement’s performance was just as bad. As for ENGN, fruit punch was already one of the good ones, and the same can now be said for orange dream. Compared to the most delectable things on the market, you could say it’s bearable. But this is the pre-workout category where the average flavor is not bearable, it’s actually pretty poor. So when we say bitter, followed by a strong artificial orange. Understand that it still puts EVL’s orange dream ENGN in the top half of the field, and even higher in the top 20% when you filter the list by product’s that work.

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