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Roctane now available in electrolyte capsules, GU Energy drop carbs and caffeine for their latest

GU Energy's new Roctane variant, Roctane Electrolyte Capsules

Endurance based supplement company GU Energy, always appear to be all about getting their popular formulas across in the best way possible. Whether it be through a new form, flavor, or even better value with a bulk box or special. The brand’s most recent effort furthers this point seeing the release of another Roctane variant. Roctane being GU Energy’s more powerful offering compared to the signature GU Gel. The variant joining the product’s wide variety of gel flavors, and multiple powder options, is the most obvious and suitable form, capsules. As well as coming in a new form, the latest Roctane also features a slightly different formula. With each one of it’s 125 electrolyte capsules delivering a carbohydrate and caffeine free dose of sodium, magnesium, chloride. And a 50mg shot of ginger root, which according to GU has been included to decrease nausea as well as Vitamin D and B6. The brand did originally preview Roctane’s pill form late last year, and as promised have now launched it with a retail price of around $20.

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