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Muscletech’s upcoming mystery muscle builder, revolutionary ingredient set to change category

Muscletech upcoming mystery muscle builder

Following the reveal of their new modernized and italicized logo, Muscletech have previewed their next big supplement release. Currently their is no name for the product, nor is there any real look at it outside of a shaded image, and an interesting promotional piece about it’s results. Of course a package is a package, with the only detail coming from the shadowed teaser, is that it looks to be in the same sort of cylinder as SX-7. The promotional piece however confirms that the mystery formula is in fact a muscle builder of some sort, claiming to be the most powerful one in sports nutrition history. That statement alone for us screams exaggeration, or as some may say bullshit. While Muscletech could actually have the breakthrough of the century, we always expect a supplement to do the talking. And unfortunately in this industry, ‘game changer’, ‘world’s first’, and ‘breakthrough’, are all thrown around so much they have become terms we just don’t pay attention to. To make things even more questionable, Muscletech’s latest product does appear to rely on a single revolutionary ingredient, to deliver it’s amplification of 3.5 times more muscle. As mentioned the brand could very well be on to something, in fact we actually really hope they are. It’s just that the questions they have left open relate way too much to past supplements, especially from the muscle building category, that have not really followed through on their promises. On the bright side more information on Muscletech’s mystery product is due out next month, hopefully bringing a bit more certainty.

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