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Pro BCAA facts panel reveals actual scoop size, Optimum’s Pro Series looking on for the Arnold

Facts panel and release details for Optimum Nutrition's Pro BCAA

It appears that of all the supplement’s in Optimum Nutrition’s upcoming Pro Series. The BCAA and glutamine support formula is looking likely to strike first, or it is at least the only one of the five that has been given a release month. The news has come with an expected launch of sometime in April, as well as the product’s facts panel. While the official list of contents wasn’t expected to feature anything outside of what we already knew, some interesting details are on the label. The first piece of information is that in addition to Pro BCAA’s two named attractions, it will also have a 160mg PhytoBlend featuring, grape seed, red wine grape, and citrus bioflavonoids. The other fact that we feel is quite important is that the doses confirmed on the front of the supplement’s label, as well as the 20 servings, are based around two scoops. It doesn’t actually change the total amount of contents in each bottle of Pro BCAA, but for those that may have thought Optimum were trying to short change you. They are really just promoting good strong doses for their 9.75g scoop. For those after a closer look we have uploaded the facts panel below. Which unfortunately does appear to be the closest the majority of people are going to get until April. Unless of course you attend the Arnold, the event we believe Optimum Nutrition may have a poster up or even Pro Series product on display.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Series Pro BCAA facts panel
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