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First three Pro Series supplements launched, Optimum make their new line available direct

Optimum Nutrition launch their Pro Series supplements

Optimum Nutrition’s new five part Pro Series featuring two reformulated proteins and three new supplements, has officially been launched. Just one day out from the Arnold Classic Expo, the brand have uploaded product pages for the three that were expected to hit first. Pro BCAA, and the two slightly edited supplements, Pro Gainer and Pro Complex. To top it off not only have Optimum uploaded full descriptions, pictures, and formulas for the three, but they have also put them on sale. As always taking advantage of the early bird opportunity is going to cost more than when it lands in stores with Pro BCAA sitting at $39.99 for a 20 serving, in fruit punch or raspberry lemonade. Pro Gainer at $72.99 for a 5lb or $128.49 for a 10lb, both listing four flavors, banana cream pie, double rich chocolate, strawberry cream, and vanilla custard. And finally Pro Complex, which is available in a 10 serving tub for $55.99, or 20 serving for $99.99, both featuring half the options Gainer does, with just chocolate and vanilla. As mentioned the three Pro Series products are all currently listed as in stock on Optimum Nutrition’s website. So if you’re interested in seeing what the brand have put together for those who demand more, head on over there and expect to see them in stores soon.

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