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Super Freak 2.0 spotted at Muscle & Strength, Pharmafreak’s updated energizer now available

Pharmafreak launch their updated pre-workout Super Freak

Pharmafreak first started talking about the reformulated version of their pre-workout supplement Super Freak late last year in December. They then followed up on the product with a few updates, then a facts panel release confirming that the energizer is not just a reformulation, more like

an entirely new supplement. The Freak company have now gone the whole nine yards, and officially launched the updated Super Freak. More stores are expected to be getting the pre-workout over the coming weeks and months, but the first place to list the product as in stock is Muscle & Strength at $39.99 a bottle. If you do decide to go hunting beyond Muscle & Strength, be sure to double check that you do get the formula you are looking for with key giveaways like it’s tub size, flavors, serving amount, and contents which you can find in our facts panel post.

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