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Muscletech’s latest Phase8 flavor reviewed, white chocolate doesn’t come through on it’s name

Flavor review of Muscletech's white chocolate Phase8

We were originally introduced to Muscletech’s protein powder Phase8 with milk chocolate, then reviewed cookies and cream and peanut butter chocolate when they were released. The latest flavor of the supplement is white chocolate, one we felt we had to get our hands on and review seeing as we did it for the last two. Based on our previous experience with Phase8, we already knew it was going to have that signature thickness to it, so the product’s mixability came as no surprise. Essentially the only thing we are going to be detailing in today’s review is it’s taste, breaking down how well Muscletech did with their white chocolate recipe.

Straight off the bat we are going to say this one is not anywhere near as well flavored as the other Phase8s, or at least as in sync with it’s title. After a number of conversations and lengthy debates we have come to the conclusion that the white chocolate Phase8 can best be described as a mixture of caramel and cappuccino. The smell is something that initially gives it away, although as mentioned it took us a while to put a taste to the aroma, or two in this case. The main reason being that it says white chocolate on the label, so mentally none of us were thinking of anything other than white chocolate. Once you get past the smell, which is mainly dominated by it’s cappuccino scent. Phase8 tends to mix away any trace of what you were expecting to get, leaving you with an odorless surprise. After you take that first sip however, it will come rushing back and you will know exactly what we mean when we say caramel. It’s not your traditional caramel, more of a vanilla type if that helps detail things. The secondary or lingering taste that acts as a reassurance of sorts, ends up being a combination of the introductory caramel and initial cappuccino. Further confirming that the flavor is quite a way off what you might have imagined white chocolate to be.

If you are thinking of trying Muscletech’s white chocolate Phase8, don’t let our opinion play it off as a failed recipe. We aren’t saying that it tastes bad or that it’s unbearable, just that it’s simply not what we had expected. It’s mixture of flavors is most definitely different, so in the case that you’re someone after a legitimate white chocolate experience, then you may want to steer clear. Alternatively if the scent and taste of mocha cappuccino and vanilla caramel sounds satisfying to you, then Muscletech’s attempt may be worth picking up. In all honesty it is a surprise result, purely because all the other Phase8 options have had their own individual highlights. But were still put together well enough that we could identify their flavor. Others may disagree with our review and think Muscletech nailed it. However for us we didn’t really see any sort of white chocolate, or at least a taste equal to what we recognize as white chocolate.

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