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Upcoming stimulant free pre-workout Noxygen, Purus Labs throw their hat in the pump ring

Purus Lab's new pump supplement Noxygen

One of the more popular types of supplements that appears to be the one to produce lately, is a pump pre-workout. A lot of companies have been putting their names down recently with the likes of Giant Sports and their formula code named Giant Pump. Nutrex’s recently released Niox Ultra, and even Chaos and Pain looking to further themselves within the category in Cannibal Swole 2.0. The latest brand to throw their hat in the ring is Purus Labs, with the product they announced last week, Noxygen. Since it’s initial mention about seven days ago, the brand have yet to reveal anything more outside of it’s few bottle points. Which include stimulant free, unflavored, two features Hydromax soluble glycerol and Nitratene, as well as a 92g bottle, packing 40 servings with each one working out to be 2.3g. It also seems that Purus Labs have not made any change to their estimated drop of Noxygen in the next ‘few weeks’. Unofficially putting the supplement’s expected launch sometime in March.

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