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Post Jym release brings reveal of Shred Jym, Jim Stoppani confirms a fourth supplement

Jim Stoppani confirms his fourth supplement Shred Jym

Following the rise of Jim Stoppani’s pre-workout Pre Jym, the man behind it all released a few details on two other supplements that were on their way, Post Jym and Pro Jym. Now after the launch of the post-workout Post Jym, Stoppani has released word of a fourth product. Topping up his list of coming soon supplements and keeping it at a total of two. The item on it’s way is just like the other Jyms detailing it’s intentions in it’s title, with the name Shred Jym. To keep his loyal followers interested and informed, Stoppani has uploaded the facts panel of the fat burner revealing a six piece formula of tyrosine, green tea, acetyl-l-carnitine HCL, caffeine, synephrine, and the trademarked Capsimax. As you may have guessed the product is also transparently dosed, with it’s facts panel confirming doses for each of it’s six ingredients. The only things that appear to be missing from the Shred Jym announcement are it’s directions, price, and launch date. Which we will take a guess and say it’s directions will read a maximum of two servings a day, making the supplement a 30 day formula, and it’s price we estimate to be somewhere between 30 and $40. As for a release date, we really have no idea on that one. But until something more official pops up, we will leave you with Shred Jym’s facts panel below. Letting you know right down to the milligram what Stoppani’s weight loss product has to offer.

Jim Stoppani Shred Jym facts panel