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Tiger’s blood AdreNOlyn back by popular demand, Black Market Lab’s first guerrilla edition repeat

Black Market Labs re-release tiger's blood AdreNOlyn for March

In two days it will be the fourth Monday of the month, which for Black Market Labs followers means the availability of yet another special edition AdreNOlyn. In a surprise turn of events, for March the underground brand are still going to do a guerrilla edition variant, however it is not entirely new. The limited run flavor Black Market have lined up is tiger’s blood, a taste that according to the brand is back by popular demand. Fans have apparently been submitting requests to have the release brought back to life once more, following it’s launch last year in July. It just goes to show you how much Black Market really are a customer dedicated brand, by actually listening and giving back to their fans. While it does mark the first time AdreNOlyn will see a special edition flavor for a second time, with 14 releases out of 15 different. The repetition should free up Black Market a bit to give them more time to work on April’s option.

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