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Mint chocolate chip Cor Whey now available, Cellucor make it nine with three exclusives

Cellucor launch Cor Whey in mint chocolate chip through

Last year Cellucor confirmed the coming of five new flavors for the People’s Protein, Cor-Performance Whey. The first two revealed have already been released, cor fetti cake batter and red velvet cake batter, with s’mores, chocolate chip cookie dough, and white chocolate mocha to come. In a surprise turn of events, the brand have just launched an option we did not see coming with mint chocolate chip. Like the other two, the latest addition to the Cor Whey family has arrived at and is currently being listed as an exclusive. Unfortunately there is also one more thing mint chocolate chip has in common with cor fetti and red velvet, and that is it’s single 2lb tub size. Outside of the original six, Cellucor have yet to produce any other taste in both the supplement’s volumes, 2 and 4lb. Leaving you with the same tough decision from cor fetti and red velvet. Which is either spend a little extra to try Cor Whey mint chocolate chip, or save 20% and grab a 4lb in one of the regular flavors.

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