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Best of Cor-Whey’s original six piece menu, Cellucor’s peanut butter marshmallow reviewed

Flavor review of Cellucor's peanut butter marshmallow Cor-Whey

Due to Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Whey winning last year’s Protein Wars, and claiming that People’s Protein title. We went ahead and purchased a few tubs of the supplement to put together a review of what we believe to be the best of the protein’s original six flavors. For those that know the product, it’s first wave selection does feature one taste that stands out above the rest. While cinnamon swirl and molten chocolate do sound attractive, peanut butter marshmallow is the one that screams delicious. So it is no surprise that after trying almost all of Cor-Whey’s six options it launched with, we decided to review the one of a kind.

Most of the time peanut butter variants pair themselves with either chocolate, or go it alone in a solo peanut butter performance. Cellucor’s effort as it’s title states, mixes it up with marshmallow, which does give a good indication of what is involved. That being said when you actually give it a taste, it proves to be just, if not more unique than it’s extremely seductive name. The peanut butter is of course the dominating flavor of the two in the taste, something you will notice right from the first sniff. As for the marshmallow it is very faint, but definitely noticeable. The best way to describe the experience, is peanut butter with a delicate sprinkle of sugary marshmallow. The dominating flavor does stay strong right from sip to swallow, the marshmallow however appears almost like a sweetener. Adding a light lolly highlight as the shake goes down, resulting in a taste kind of like a sugar infused peanut butter. We will point out that you may need to lower your usual amount of water or whatever you choose to mix your protein powder with. As we found Cor-Whey’s full peanut butter marshmallow flavor lost it’s presence quite easily when not mixed with substantially less water.

The main reason we find it quite hard to describe the one of a kind Cellucor taste is purely because we don’t have anything to compare it to. We could probably go on for a while trying to convert our experience to words. However you really need to try it for yourself to know what we are talking about. Lolly like, marshmallow sweetened, peanut bubblegum, no matter how we explain it. The idea we are trying to get across is that it is different, and not like anything else you have tried. For those wondering if we will be giving any of Cor-Whey’s other flavors a go, be on the look out for a red velvet review in the coming weeks. As we recently grabbed a tub of the exclusive from the day after it launched.

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