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Gamma Labs hit 100k likes on Facebook, celebratory sale with free G Fuel stick packs

Gamma Labs celebrate their 100k likes on Facebook miletsone

In celebration of their milestone event of 100,000 likes on Facebook, Gamma Labs have let loose a special on one of their most popular supplements. The direct deal is on the energizing formula G Fuel, which for a limited time comes with a free 20 pack stick box with purchases of a regular 40 serving tub. The flavors available for the offer are all but fruit punch for the $35.99 tub, and all but blue ice and pink lemonade for the free stick pack box. Gamma have not given any idea of how long the celebratory promotion will be running for, however it is basically a 50% free offer. So it’s definitely an investment worth getting in on for fans of G Fuel or even just supplements at good prices.

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