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Sequel supplement Detonate XT reviewed, Gaspari’s latest fat burner not an improvement

When Gaspari Nutrition announced their sequel fat burner Detonate XT, it immediately caught our attention purely based on it’s predecessor, Detonate. The original was both effective, and overdelivered on it’s few promised effects. The updated XT, was not expected to come through as powerful, but we had our hopes. Despite it being thrown aside when Gaspari revealed their SuperPump MAX sequel, SuperPump 3.0. We still went ahead and got a hold of the supplement to bring you a review for another one of Gaspari Nutrition’s 2014 releases.

Firstly, as much as we would like to ignore the performance and results of the first Detonate, and not compare the two. It’s almost impossible, especially since the previous Detonate was so successful. While XT does still promise as much as it’s predecessor, we have to say that it’s effects do not come through anywhere near as powerful. Starting with the energy, Detonate XT does not have quite the kick. It’s mild, and enough to pick you up and get you going. However it doesn’t have that easing lift or increasing build we have come to expect from fat burners. Instead of hitting in the usual amount of time and moving up to a strong consistent level of energy to have you going for a few hours. XT hits you, but then kind of just sits there. That initial kick where you know somethings working and it’s only going to get better, it doesn’t get better. The supplement simply maintains a mediocre amount of energy, that has you humming and whistling along without that amplification that encourages you to pick up the pace or intensity, for whatever activity you are doing.

The second and only other area we feel Detonate XT stands out is with it’s thermogenesis. When it comes to the heating ability, there isn’t really a product on the market that promotes it and doesn’t deliver. Even some pre-workouts or non-thermogenic formulas are able to come through with some sort of the effect. As for Gaspari’s new weight loss supplement, it does bring a substantial amount to the table. We do have to say however, that it is not an amount we haven’t seen before. When more and more powerful fat burners make their way to market, the average expectation of a product is of course going to rise. While we are not taking back what we said about XT and it’s thermogeneis. Due to it’s competitors being so much better, there other supplements that have more to offer in this department. Detonate XT does heat you up and get you sweating. But after experiencing inside and outside thermogenesis, as well as becoming absolutely drenched, the product loses out purely because it doesn’t keep up with it’s surrounding supplements.

Something that is almost always a highlight for successful weight loss energizers, is mood enhancement. It was also something Gaspari delivered extremely well with, in the now discontinued Detonate. Unfortunately for the updated product, it appears that the brand have left out the effect, or at least not given it as much of a punch. As Detonate XT is without any sort of drive, mood, or uplift. Really the only emotional or mental change comes with your reaction to the minor energy hit, where you get the pleasure of having a little bit more fuel. The most disappointing part about the loss of the mood enhancement is that it takes away that productivity effect. The mood combined with the intense energy in XT’s predecessor was basically what made the supplement for us. It not only powered you for roughly six hours, but it kept you motivated. The sequel version of the fat burner, does do a relatively good job at powering you for almost six hours, maybe a little less. Although as mentioned without that mood hit, it throws the weight loss formula onto the overcrowded list of energetic thermogenics.

Overall Gaspari’s Detonate XT is effective, we can confirm that. It has a strong amount of energy, a good dose of thermogenesis, but that is where it ends. If the product was launched maybe two or three years ago it would have been right up there, and if the original Detonate wasn’t so successful, it would also make it appear a bit more impressive. However, we are in an industry that is constantly evolving with new ingredients always on the horizon, and competition that just continues to get stronger by the day. So when a supplement arrives and it does not compare to it’s previous version, set itself apart from the rest, or at least beat out some of the more average formula in it’s category. Regardless of the brand behind it, you really need to drop it and move on, and unfortunately that is the case for Detonate XT.

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