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Massive 48 hour 20% off all supplements sale, Muscle Pharm’s random but major promotion

Muscle Pharm's big 20% off everything direct 48 hour sale

As we have said time and time again, buying supplements direct from companies, isn’t usually the best way to get a good deal. It is however worthwhile stopping by a brand’s website and seeing what they have on offer when a sale is on. This is definitely the case with Muscle Pharm’s latest promotion, offering 20% all supplements from any line, Arnold Schwarzenegger, FitMiss, and of course Muscle Pharm. Some of the items that make it worth dropping by the athlete’s company website for the special include the 50 serving Assault down to $46.39. Iron Pack at $43.99, and the recently released Carnitine Core capsules valued at $15.99. Arguably some of the products are not really that cheap even with the discount. However they do compete and present an opportunity to order a few supplements along with one or two of the new rarely stocked MP Sportswear pieces. The big Muscle Pharm ‘no coupon required’ sale officially started this morning at 8am, and is due to close 48 hours from then, so be sure to drop by sometime before Sunday.

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