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Modified Iron Dream makes it’s way to Europe, Muscle Pharm swap GABA and melatonin for Prometeus distribution

Muscle Pharm produce an international version of Iron Dream

During the reign of Muscle Pharm’s top recovery supplement Bullet Proof. Not everyone around the world was able to get a hold of the product, due to a few of it’s internationally unfriendly ingredients. While we reviewed it’s replacement the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Dream, as a reasonable successor. It turns out the new, slightly more concentrated formula, could be seeing some of those that were not able to get their hands on Bullet Proof. A modified version of the Muscle Pharm supplement has surfaced, featuring enough edits to call it an alternate edition. Basically everything in the product appears to be the same, with the exception of melatonin and GABA being swapped out for phenibut. Whether or not this Iron Dream is enough to make it everywhere in the world is uncertain, but we do know it is good enough for Europe. As it has been confirmed for distribution by Prometeus, a company looking to spread the supplement throughout the area.

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