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FitMax extremely competitive as a fat burner, review of Performax’s dual category formula

Review of Performax Lab's fat burning pre-workout FitMax

Earlier in the year we introduced Performax Lab’s and their two supplements, AlphaMax and FitMax. We were also fortunate enough to get a few bottles of the pre-workout of the two to giveaway. Which we got one to sample, and have a review for here today. Basically the product splits itself into two categories, pre-workout and fat burning. Something you do see from time to time, however usually the weight loss side of the supplement is talked about as a bonus, not a lead effect like in FitMax. Regardless we threw the dual category formula into a cardio session, regular workout, and high intensity training to see what promises it follows through on.

As always we are first going to talk about the flavor. Our bottle was the same as the ones we gave away, kiwi strawberry. Which as you may have guessed by it’s name, is pretty damn sweet. It’s quite difficult to put a finger on what taste is more dominant, as the strawberry and kiwi aren’t separated. More or less combined into FitMax’s own mixture of sweet and smooth. Compared to a lot of others that are out there, both pre-workout and flavored fat burner, it is a whole lot better than bearable. It’s actually something you would enjoy, despite the fact that Performax don’t overly promote FitMax’s taste.

Moving on to the effects of FitMax, unlike a lot of others that take the two category approach. The product actually does quite well delivering on both fronts, weight loss and energy. While it doesn’t bring the full power of a dedicated pre-workout, it does have enough to be called a high intensity thermogenic.

Essentially there are two main areas the supplement performs in, firstly we have thermogenesis. This is something that as we mention time and time again, almost every fat burner comes through with. It seems like we are at the point now where everyone just appears to be putting in effort. In saying that FitMax’s thermogenic effect is definitely not like everyone else’s, in fact it is up there with some of the best. At a single scoop the product does a relatively good job, competing with a lot of your average weight loss formulas. At two scoops, you won’t notice any change in comfort, just that the thermogenesis is drastically amplified. It produces a strong overall body heat that doesn’t create too much of a sweat, but during high intensity activity it will have your forehead pouring.

The second department FitMax brings it home in, is with it’s advertised pre-workout energy effect. As mentioned the supplement isn’t as powerful as a dedicated pre-workout, however the amount of energy it does have. Along with it’s added intensity and surprisingly strong thermogenesis, makes it a solid high level flavored fat burner. It doesn’t have a kick or a hit, the energy just sneaks in hidden away with the slightly unnoticeable increase of temperature and sweat. The product also brings a touch of intensity presenting an experience that has you perfectly energized, consistently driven, and at a heavy temperature even during the most effortless amount of cardio. You could use it for a weights session or high intensity training, but with that short list of pre-workout effects there are more ideal solutions. It is also the main reason why we feel FitMax is better suited to cardio activity where the thermogenesis will be welcomed, and it’s kick free calm energy is exactly what you need.

All in all Performax Lab’s FitMax works, although only as a weight loss formula. As highlighted, taking the supplement for it’s pre-workout ability, is likely to leave you disappointed. Especially when compared to what else you may have had, and what else is available. Alternatively since it’s combination and balance of energy, intensity, and powerful thermogenesis, is so similar to many other single use fat burning products, most a lot weaker. We believe FitMax is best sold, purchased, and used as a weight loss supplement. When put up against others in that category, it not only stands it’s ground by delivering a top quality two effect performance. It also competes with some of the best in the field, that at the right price or special. Would make the product one of the most competitive fat burners on the market.

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