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Pro Supps individuals tripled in size, upgrade to Creatine or Glutamine 1000 and save 40%

Pro Supps glutamine and creatine 1000 variants appearing

Pro Supps fans will definitely be familiar with most of their favorite brand’s products. Especially the more essential formulas such as Creatine 300 and Glutamine 300. The fast growing brand have now added to their basic range

with new variants of those very two simple supplements. Beginning to show up in stockists all over the place is Creatine 1000 and Glutamine 1000. Which like the 300 versions, have titles that relate back to their overall volume with each tub weighing in at 1,000g. The contents of the products are still the same featuring creatine monohydrate and regular l-glutamine, they just save you between about 30 to 40%.

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