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1,300 calorie IncrediBulk contents confirmed, Pro Supps gainer still stuck at coming soon

Contents confirmed for Pro Supps mass protein IncrediBulk

In our initial post on Pro Supps upcoming mass protein IncrediBulk, we were only able to confirm a handful of details for the product. With each serving expected to be weighing in at 340g, packing a total of 1,300 calories each, and two sizes available, a 6lb tub and a 12lb bag. The proactive brand have now released the facts panel for the weight gainer, backing up it’s original claims. Per three scoop 337g serving, IncrediBulk delivers 56g of protein, 248g of carbohydrates (33g sugar, 7g fiber), 11g of fat (6g saturated), 236mg of cholesterol, and as mentioned, a total of 1,300 calories. In the other ingredients department starting from the top, the supplement lists maltodextrin, a protein matrix of whey cream and whey isolate, followed by an amino acid complex of glycine, BCAAs, and glutamine. Unfortunately even with the positive information update, Pro Supps have not changed their coming soon launch window for the product. But have revealed IncrediBulk’s variants confirming the two sizes 6 and 12lbs, both in four flavors, chocolate, cookies & cream, vanilla, and peanut butter.

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