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Pure Karbolyn contents and options confirmed, Pro Supps advanced carbohydrate formula still coming soon

Exact contents and variants confirmed for Pro Supps Pure Karbolyn

While some people may have been able to predict, or even full well know the contents of Pro Supps resurrected carbohydrate formula Pure Karbolyn. We still feel it’s exact details are worth posting. As the brand mentioned in their initial announcement. The supplement is due to return in all it’s original flavors with slightly different titles, fruit punch (power punch), orange (orange burst), strawberry (strawberry popsicle), unflavored, and it’s two new additions, chocolate and peanut butter. All tastes are set to be available for both size options, the 18 serve 2.2lb and 36 serve 4.4lb. Along with the original flavors, Pro Supps have also carried over Pure Karbolyn’s contents, packing each 55.4g scoop of the product with 50g of Karbolyn. Other numbers that make up the formula’s label include 1.5g of fat (0.5g saturated) and 210 calories. Like all the other supplements the brand have lined up, Pure Karbolyn is without a launch date. However being the oldest product on Pro Supp’s ‘coming soon’ list, we feel it could be the first one to arrive.

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