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Quest look to go outside the lines a few more times, five new product ranges expected sometime this year

Quest Nutrition confirm the coming of five new product lines

While Quest Nutrition’s cookies & cream protein bar makes it’s way out to retailers, and from what it seems grab the number flavor spot for a lot of their fans. The brand have confirmed the coming of a few new products for later in the year. Quest have yet to reveal just what those products will be, however they have said they will be coming in the form of five new lines. They also said they would fall into categories outside of protein bars, suggesting that they could be foods of any sort. It opens up the floor for things like Quest chips, cookies, gummies, basically anything you’ve seen in the snack supplement market, or even haven’t seen. Which wouldn’t be too out of character for Quest Nutrition after last year’s launch of the unique Pastabilities series. Unfortunately there is no date for when more information is due to be released, just the expectation of up to five new products line coming sometime this year.

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