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Review of the unforgettable SuperPump 3.0, latest Gaspari pre-workout nothing like their ealier efforts

Review of Gaspari Nutrition's latest pre-workout SuperPump 3.0

Today we have a review of the recently released SuperPump 3.0 from Gaspari Nutrition. When the brand sent this one over, or even when they first mentioned the product we weren’t overly excited. The idea of the sequel was of course exciting, it’s effects however not so much. After SuperPump 250, one of the first successful pre-workouts, we felt the quality of Gaspari pre-workouts kind of went downhill. We weren’t big fans of SuperPump MAX, or at least didn’t think it was much of an improvement. With the same to be said for the supplement Gaspari launched last year, SuperDrive. As mentioned our hopes of SuperPump 3.0 actually coming through as effective, were not high. But of course as with any product we enjoy being proven wrong, especially when expectations are low. Whether it be an interesting formula failing, or an unfortunate formula succeeding, we will tell you exactly how it goes. Which in the case of Gaspari’s latest, we are here to tell you that SuperPump 3.0 is most definitely an interesting formula delivering a top ranked performance.

First things first, the taste of the pre-workout is pretty bad. It’s nothing too sour or bitter, it’s the left over foam and unfortunate mix-ability of the supplement that makes it one of the worst. Ideally you fill your cup and scoop in your powder, shake it up or stir, and it mixes into colorful liquid. SuperPump 3.0 does do some of that, but mostly just foams up when shaken, and barely mixes when stirred. As for the actual taste, we were given watermelon, easily one of the tangiest examples of the flavor. We aren’t going to break down the experience to initial and after taste, as the fruity bitterness is there as soon as you drink it, and does not die down even once you’ve swallowed. We found the best way to go is throw back a shot of SuperPump 3.0, then dilute the remaining foam or whatever with just as much water to try and dumb down the sour hit.

Now that we have the flavoring out of the way, we can bring up the product’s effects. We are going to start with energy, pump, and intensity, as they are the three features that dominate SuperPump 3.0’s performance, and work so well together that they can not be described separately. Basically it all begins after the usual amount of time from when you drink a pre-workout t when it hits. Regardless of however long that is, you will know when the supplement kicks in. Like a lot of it’s competitor’s, SuperPump 3.0 has this immediate yet calm rush of readiness. Where all of a sudden you are overcome with aggression, motivation, energy, drive, and an urgent will to workout. From there it only gets better as the mixture of effects and feelings quickly grow over the next 10 minutes, introducing what we would say is one of the most comfortable combinations of energy, pump, and intensity you’ll ever experience.

On most occasions energy is separated by enhanced speed, strength, movement, and desire to exercise. With intensity as we have explained before, it is that change in rest time. And for pump, well it’s pump. Your muscles expand, and focusing as well as igniting specific muscles almost comes at the flick of a switch. In SuperPump 3.0 there is a mixture of all three that is so powerful that they really act as one. The energy pushes you rep after rep, set after set, not just making you feel like you can do another session. But actually making you do more exercises and sets than you had planned. Our sessions on Gaspari’s new product did exactly that, seeing us go beyond the planned workouts. To further prove how powerful SuperPump 3.0’s energy is, the additional exercises we did didn’t soak up any more time. As due to the extreme energy and intensity, we were able to move from set to set much quicker, creating more time for more exercises. On the topic of the supplement’s intensity, we have to say that it is does not give you the ordinary shortened breaks or rests. This pre-workout not only makes you want to pick up the weight, bar, or dumbbell about 10 seconds after you’ve dropped it. But it also sends you back to physical activity with the overwhelming energy revitalized, giving you the ability to perform as if you had not done an entire set half a minute ago.

As mentioned earlier, SuperPump 3.0 is dominated by three effects, energy, intensity, and the one we are about to detail, pump. Of all the pre-workouts we have tried, there are probably only about two or three that rival the effect’s results Gaspari’s formula delivers. Firstly it does bring that awesome pump feel and focus where each muscle you even think about isolating or concentrate on just blows up. Secondly it plays along with the highlighted energy and intensity, adding an enjoyable side to the experience. Providing you with energy, intensity, as well as a feel good pump to make you want to keep lifting. Finally we have actual muscle pump. In the past we have seen muscles expand due to individual pump products, in fact we are more familiar with the feeling of being as wide as you are tall, rather than looking in the mirror to see a pumped physique. That being said, never have we felt the need to measure changes in muscle size. As SuperPump 3.0 saw our reviewers increase arm size by between one, to one and a half inches. That is going off measurement before working out, to measurement right after.

The last two areas that we have seen some other pre-workouts touch on, and some even dominate, are focus and strength. Unfortunately both areas are where SuperPump 3.0 falls well short on. Focus is probably the more common one of the two, which is kind of present in the Gaspari supplement. However we believe it’s more of a feel good mood enhancement that comes from the joy of the pump and energy. Nothing like the tunnel vision effect found in competing pre-workouts stretching for that complete experience. Second is strength, something rarely seen in products, where you genuinely perform stronger or faster, lifting more or moving quicker. SuperPump 3.0 doesn’t exactly make you physically stronger or faster. But it’s well balanced combination of effects does make it a lot easier to control your energy, concentrate it, and make good use of it. An experience quite a bit different compared to some of the less balanced harder hitting formulas, that tend to have you less in touch with your performance, or in some cases stim’d out.

Overall SuperPump 3.0 comes through with a formula, that if you ever gave up on Gaspari Nutrition because of their previous pre-workouts. You need to forget whatever happened in the past, as their latest energizing effort is too good to miss. It delivers awesome energy, the most intense intensity, and pumps that can be both seen and measured. The supplement did lose out in a few areas, but don’t think for a second that makes it a pre-workout to over look. Of all the products we have seen come through here, top, average, or terrible. SuperPump 3.0 is one of about two that successfully combines the highlighted effects, energy, intensity, and pump, in to an experience that is addictive, unforgettable, and best of all enjoyable.

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